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    Volunteer Summary By Family

    Volunteer Responsibilities/Information

    Swim Team is a fun and enjoyable experience where many valuable lessons can be learned both in and out of the pool. It is critical for the success of our season that you become just as dedicated as your son or daughter, stepping up to the block every day as an active member on our Swim Team. There are many responsibilities that parents must assume for our meets to run smoothly. Our volunteer coordinator & coaching staff will be asking each of you for your help more than once throughout the season.

    We want each of your children to have an exciting swim season and to grow as swimmers and teammates.

    As a member of the team, your family is required to volunteer. You will be able to sign-up for volunteer jobs prior to each meet or event. Each job will be worth 1 “point” and the number of points per family will be determined and announced once registration is complete. You will also be required to work one shift during the divisional championship meet (if you have a swimmer in the meet). All families will be responsible for a deposit of $350.00 either via check or online credit card hold. Checks will be returned voided or destroyed upon completion of volunteer work at the conclusion of the season.

    Volunteer sign up will open at 8:00 pm on the Sunday before each meet or event. You will be able to log in to the website and sign up for volunteer jobs at that time. We ask that families sign up for a maximum of 2 jobs per meet or 1 job per event so that everyone has a chance to sign up during the season.

    If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please don't hesitate to contact our volunteer coordinator at bbstvolunteer@swimcuda.com.


    • Log into Swimtopia either on App or Desktop
    • Navigate to the Meets tab or view Upcoming Events
    • Find the event for which you want to volunteer
    • Click the green "JOB SIGNUP" button to register to work a specific meet or event job
      • Roll over the "i" next to each job to view a brief description of that job
    • A list of all meet jobs available for sign-up will be displayed with shift times, slots filled, and points.
    • Make changes by selecting or deselecting the checkbox next to each job 
    • Click "Save Assignments" to make your selection.

    Volunteer Job Descriptions

    Computer Assistant - Assist computer personnel with any activities required to run the meet

    Lane Runner - Gathers the results papers from the scribes on deck and carries them to the computer people. Takes new papers back to the scribes on deck.

    Ready Bench - Responsible for lining up the swimmers by event, heat and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time. These volunteers are the key to keeping a meet on schedule. This position is not recommended for parents new to swim team.

    Ribbon Writer - Take results print outs and apply to ribbons for our team. May have to stay after end of meet to finish ribbons.

    Scribe - Records the times from swimmers in your assigned lane as the timers call them out.

    Timer - Time swimmers event using provided watch. Works with two other timers and one scribe in your assigned lane. Times the swimmer in each heat and reports time to the scribe.

    Time Verifier - Work with computer personnel making sure that swimmer times from the scribe sheets and the printed final score sheets match.

    Check in for volunteers and swimmers 11 & up – Assist signing in volunteers and 11 & up swimmers

    Concessions (home meets only) – Helps selling food/drinks at the concession stand

    Equipment Set Up - Must arrive early (6:15 AM) and help assemble age level tents and whatever else needs to be done so the meet can start on time. Some heavy lifting may be required. Home meets will also have Friday evening set up jobs available.

    Equipment Tear Down- Breaks down tents, returns all equipment to storage room on site or to equipment coordinator’s truck (for away meets). Some heavy lifting required. TEAR DOWN WILL LAST UNTIL ALL EQUIPMENT IS LOADED AND AREA CLEANED UP

    Parking lot attendant (home meets only) – Must arrive early (6:00 am) and direct traffic in and out of parking lot in front of the pool.

    Tent Parent - Check in swimmers. Stay in team provided, age-level tent with your group of swimmers. Chaperone general activities of swimmers (keep them safe). Get them to the ready bench on time and help ready bench personnel get them organized and on the bench.

    Trash Can / Restroom Supply Monitor (home meets only) - Takes full garbage to appropriate place and replaces with new bags. Monitors restrooms for supplies and any problems. NEED 1 MALE AND 1 FEMALE PER SHIFT TO BE ABLE TO TEND TO BOTH RESTROOMS.

    Water Runner (home meets only) - Delivers cups of water/sports drink to timers, scribes, officials and coaches as needed. Supplies are in the kitchen area of the activity center. MUST BE ABLE TO CARRY A BIG TRAY OF DRINKS.

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