Red, White & Blue & Ponderosa Invitationals

This was included in the newsletter but I wanted to send it out in a separate email as well.

Bridgeland Barracudas will be participating at the Red, White and Blue Meet and the Ponderosa Invitational Meet held the weekend of June 22-24. Meet Eligibility Reports are available on the website under Meets/Invitationals. Swimmers can also achieve qualifying times at the Divisional Meet.

RWB - Red, White and Blue hosed by Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club (Fleet)Klein Collins High School Natatorium
Entries and Money Due to BBST by 10 AM Sunday, June 17th

This is a fun meet that is broken into Red and Blue Divisions. Swimmers whose time meets the Red qualification times but not the Blue qualification time will be competing against other swimmers in Red Division for points and awards. Swimmers whose time meets the Blue qualification time but is not equal to or faster than the Blue cut off time (Ponderosa Qualifying Time) will be competing against other swimmers in Blue Division for points and awards. No swimmers may enter an event in which they have a Ponderosa time nor may they swim that stroke on a relay.

Awards for this meet are also different from regular meets allowing many swimmers to earn points and medals.

Friday: June 22, 2016 11-14 and 15-18 100 Free and 13-14, 15-18 100 I.M.
Warm-Up 5:00 PM, Meet Starts 6:30 PM

Saturday: June 23, 2016 All 10 & Under events
Warm-Up 7:30 AM, Meet Starts 9:00 AM

Sunday: June 24, 2016 The remainder of the 11 & Over events
Warm-Up 7:10 AM, Meet Starts 9:00 AM

For more information about this meet, please see the team website. The meet announcement and eligibility reports can be found under Meets/Invitational Meets.

PI - Ponderosa Invitational hosted by Ponderosa Westador Swim TeamKlein Oak High School Natatorium
22603 Northcrest Dr
Spring, TX 77389
Entries Due to Host Sunday, June 17th
Entries Due to BBST by 8 PM Saturday, June 16th Money Due to BBST by 10 AM Sunday, June 17th

This championship meet, often called the Best of NWAL Meet, has been in place since 1971. Qualification times are hard to achieve and it is an accomplishment to be a Ponderosa qualifier.

Meet is Saturday, June 23rd and Sunday, June 24th.
Prelims start at 9am with Finals beginning at 4:30 pm.

For more information on this meet, please see the team website. The meet announcement and eligibility reports can be found under Meets/Invitational Meets.

How to Register for End of Season Invitational Meets

To register for RWB or PI, please fill out the entries for your swimmer using the Meet Entry Icon next to the Invitational Meet on the website.

If you know you are NOT going to attend, please RSVP “No” for this meet.

If you know you are going to attend, please go ahead and put in your entries. You can add or update your entries if your swimmer qualifies for additional events or needs to switch meets. If your swimmer improves their time, their best legal time will be what is used for their entry time. Only times swam in an NWAL sanctioned meet (dual, Summer Thunder, or Divisionals) can be used for entries into these meets (Time Trials times do not count).

There are no bonus events for end of season invitational Meets. RWB has their events broken up by age group (Sat 10 & Under and Fri/Sun for 11 & Up). Ponderosa has their events scheduled by event (Saturday Free and Back/Sunday Breast, Fly &IM). Please refer to the Meet announcement for event order and day. If you plan to go back and forth between meets on the same day, you may be excluded from relays to ensure your team mates will get to swim.

There will be a table set up at the pep rally before the Divisional Meet on 6/15 collecting payments. I will also be collecting payments during the second half of the Divisional Meet (more details to follow). You will be able to add entries on the website until 8pm Saturday after Divisionals, June 16th. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER 8PM SATURDAY, JUNE 16th. Payments after the Divisional Meet will be accepted Sunday Morning between 8 – 10 am at Laura’s home (12526 Bunker Cove Drive). Any entries with no payment as of 10 am Sunday morning will be removed and not entered into the meet.

We will be required to provide timers at this meet. The number of timers required is based on the number of swimmers we have participating in the meet. *** Timing slots will be assigned. Every effort will be made to assign timing slots before your swimmer finishes their events. If you are assigned a timing slot you are required to work it or find a replacement. If you are not willing to volunteer to time an approximate 30 - 45 minute shift – Do not sign your swimmer up. ***

If you need to make other arrangements for payment prior to Divisionals or have questions about this meet, please email the Invitational Chair Laura Eshelman at .

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