Championship Meet on Saturday-additional information

Here is some additional information about the championship meet on Saturday. I will also add this list to the newsletter so it will all be in one location.

  • The parking lot in front of the natatorium is reserved for coaches/officials/board members
  • There will be a blocked off area for food trucks-no parking in this area.
  • The ready benches are inside right next to the staging area. They will be lined up against the wall on bleachers. We will have blue painters tape to mark the seats 1-10.
  • We will have access to both pools for warmups. Warmup for Bridgeland is 7-7:30 in lanes 1-6. Once the meet starts, we can use the warmup pool for warm up or cool down. There will be a lifeguard there.
  • Blocks are only set up on one side of the pool. 100 yard relays will be diving from the side (relay legs 2&4)
  • No generators within 50 feet of the building and they can't be on the grass.
  • No set up in the entrance.
  • Must be parked in a legal spot, anyone parked in a fire lane or outside of a spot will be towed. Same for handicap parking
  • If there is rain or thunderstorms, only 1300 people will fit in the pool area. If you are inside, stay inside if you are under your tent stay there. If there is lightening, you might be asked to relocate to your car. The pool is grounded so there will be no need for delays due to weather
  • No wet swimmers in the seating area in the stands. Must have shoes and pants on to come to that area.
  • We will have to walk across concrete to get to the staging area. We will have baskets for shoes so the kids can wear them to the ready benches and from their race

Let's have a great meet and continue our winning streak! Go Cudas!

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